Sotoudeh Beton Company

Sotoudeh Beton Company

About Sotoudeh Beton Company (SOB Co.)

 Sotoudeh Beton Company, by employing experienced staff, along with the development of management systems and support of specialized equipment and machinery, has been able to reconstruct, implement, consult and develop the country’s infrastructure as one of the most efficient ready-mixed concrete production units in Tehran province. It will be possible to pass this difficult path with the aim of elevating our beloved country and improving the technical and quality level in the implementation of development projects by relying on God and the proper management of human resources.

We hope that with the help of God Almighty and by using the maximum ability of Iranian experts, we will be able to achieve higher levels in the field of service to the dear people of our country.

some honors:

  • Obtaining certification and standard mark, up to resistance level (C50)
  • Certified holder (ISO 9001) in quality management.
  • Certified holder (ISO 14001) in environmental management.
  • Certified holder (ISO 45001) in safety and health.
  • Membership in the Association of Concrete Producers of Iran.
  • Membership in the Iranian Concrete Association (ICI).
  • Membership in the Iranian Quality Association (IRSQ).
  • Holder of “the statue of the top managers”.
  • Selected of the third festival to support of the national production (Hatam).
  • Holder of a statue from the National Conference on Organizational Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility.

Ready-mixed concrete production unit:

The ready-mixed concrete production unit is operating in Sotoudeh Beton Company. This company is supplied by extensive knowledge and experience, among the largest ready-mixed concrete production factories in Tehran province.

The most important specifications of this production unit are the followings:

  • Production capacity of 2000 cubic meters of ready-mixed concrete in one working day.
  • Benefit from a systemic approach in the production process (based on the establishment of an integrated management system).
  • Benefit from a systemic approach in the production process (based on the establishment of an integrated management system).

At present, the good reputation created by the implementation of the product quality control system and the emphasis on the principle of continuous improvement, has created trust and consequently, the loyalty of private and public sector employers to the brand of Sotoudeh Beton Company.

Factory facilities

  • Concrete boom pump.
  • 3 sets of advanced and fully mechanized batching plants.
  • A 60 ton and All-digital scale.
  • 8 concrete pumps.
  • 20 truck mixers.
  • 3 trailers for carrying materials and … .
  • 5 loaders.
  • Advanced and modern laboratory with two sections of physics and chemistry.
  • 10 cement storage silos equipped with filtration system.
  • Equipped and modern repair and maintenance workshop which is supplied by special and standard tools


Sotoudeh Beton Company is a company that provides construction and building materials that offers ready-mixed and quality concrete at reasonable prices and based on the specifications desired by customers and in the form of the necessary standards of the construction industry. Sotoudeh Beton Company considers itself as a partner of customers, employees and the community and an environmentalist, and by producing high quality ready-mixed concrete in Tehran, it fulfills its mission to serve the country. The goal of Sotoudeh Beton Company is to achieve average growth, annual profitability and maintain a good feeling of customers towards Sotoudeh Beton brand. Sotoudeh Beton Company is determined to maintain its current loyal customers and a decisive presence in the construction industry, variety in the supply of different types of concrete, improve the quality and continue to improve it, and be aware of the key factors of success and structure analysis and competition in this area and with the power of customers, competitors, suppliers and newcomers to this industry, take a step towards the further development of the country’s building and construction industry.